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Welcome to my Bet365 India streaming review.


Bet365 Streaming Review

Bet365 does offer live streaming services for players based in India, in a big way as it happens. They are one of the bookmakers with the largest range of streaming that I’ve seen so far, which is a credit to their dedication towards providing members with the best online betting experience possible.

Of course, with live streaming being accessible through your betting account, you have the luxury of placing bets and watching your favorite sports all in one place. This is especially important if you like to watch games when you are out and about, as the streams are available from the Bet365 mobile app too.

How to access the streaming service

I found it quite easy to figure out what games are available to stream, and Bet365 has made it relatively straightforward to access streamed events from both the desktop and mobile platforms. I’ve given a quick outline of how to access the streams for both right here:


Whether you are accessing the live stream from the mobile site or app, the way in which you do it is the same.

  • Log in to your account as usual
  • Make sure that there is money in your account or that you’ve placed a recent wager
  • Go to in-play, and look for games that have the ‘play’ symbol next to them
  • Click on this symbol to start the live stream
  • Rotate your device to initiate full-screen mode


  • First – log in to your Bet365 account
  • Click on the section titled ‘in-play’ to open up the current live markets
  • Select the ‘play’ button which can be seen next to the event
  • The stream should start within seconds, and it will conclude when the game finishes

Please note: To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Streaming Features

There are quite a few features that I look for when determining whether a streaming service is good or not, which I’ve identified right here along with how Bet365 performs for each category.

  • Time delay

It is the nature of live streaming that the video you see is behind the real-time event, and there are a bunch of reasons for this that are slightly beyond the scope of this article. However, the main thing I look for with streaming is that there isn’t a significant delay or gap between what we are watching and the real-time event.

I found that Bet365 is typically around 5 seconds behind what has actually happened in the event, which isn’t the most real-time that I’ve seen, but it is good enough.

  • Full-screen capabilities

I have been so frustrated in the past when looking at sports streams on a tiny window, especially from a mobile device. With Bet365, you can set the stream to full-screen, although this can only be done from the mobile site/mobile app. I was quite surprised that you can’t set the screen to full from the desktop site, especially given how functional the streaming setup is from the mobile platforms.

  • Resolution of stream

This almost goes without saying, but the quality of the stream makes an enormous difference in terms of your overall enjoyment. Anyone who has ever used online streaming services before will tell you – a low-resolution stream combined with one that constantly freezes up is highly annoying. I felt that the streams, on the whole, were quite clear and flowing. It certainly isn’t as good as any HD TV, but then again, no online betting site is up to that kind of quality yet.

  • Coverage of events

Let’s face facts here – there is no use in having the best streaming service in the world if you only cover one or two events per week. Bet365 is clearly of the same opinion, and from both the desktop and mobile platforms you can access thousands of sporting events per year. This is one of the main things that separates Bet365 from other betting sites, as they offer such extensive coverage of many top leagues from all around the world.

User Interface, how it functions? 

bet365 mobile

I think that Bet365 has made it as simple as they possibly can to highlight what sports have live-streaming capabilities, as well as the functionality of how to access the stream. They literally have a three-step process that you must follow to access any of the streamed events, which keeps things straight forward as well as quick. First, you just need to sign in, then choose the in-play section, and click the play symbol to watch any of the available events.

Things don’t get much simpler than this, which makes the platform very friendly whether you are brand new to online betting or not.

Which sports are covered?

Once you sign up to the site, one of the first things that you’ll notice is how significant the range of sports is within the sportsbook. I initially thought to myself, surely they won’t offer streaming for all of these sports? This may be true, but they have made a rather heroic effort in getting as close to this as possible!

Something that really appealed to me is how many cricket games they have available to stream. They cover practically all of the Indian Premier League games, and you can even watch other major T20 events as well as more prestigious events like ‘The Ashes’. Of course, this depends on the time of year that you log in to the site, but it’s good to know that these are available when the time comes.

They also cover many top-tier European football leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga, which is always good to see.

Bet365 Special Features

  • Bet Builder

This is something that you don’t always get to use with online sportsbooks, but Bet365 has made it available for use by all members. Essentially, you can create your own markets to a certain extent, and you can even make a parlay bet that consists of several markets within the same event.

For example, you could make a bet that Roger Federer will win a tennis match by 2-0 in sets, that he will win by a spread of -4.5 games, and that he will break serve more than twice. I thought that this was pretty cool, and something that gave the sportsbook a nice twist.

  • Partial cash-out

When you choose to cash out a bet or not, there is always that element of doubt in the mind. What if I cash out too soon? What if I don’t and my bet goes to ruins? Well, Bet365 has something that kind of gives you the best of both worlds.

They have developed a partial cash-out feature, whereby you can cash out part of your bet to ensure that you profit, but also leave part of your original stake in play. Do note that you will only be able to partially cash out a bet to lock in early profit if the bet is going heavily in your favor, which is, of course, not guaranteed by any means. Either way, it’s nice to have this option in your back pocket when making these sports bets.

Bet365 Streaming Review: Super Comprehensive and Good Quality – 5/5

There are so many reasons that I have chosen to give this feature a 5/5 rating, but please let me elaborate. First and foremost, I cannot overlook the enormous range of sporting events that Bet365 covers on an annual basis. We are quite literally talking about thousands of events here, and they cover sports like tennis, cricket, basketball, football, and so much more. As I mentioned earlier too, live streaming is accessible from both the desktop and mobile app.

Moving away from the actual range of sporting events that they stream, I’d like to take a moment to address the quality too. This is where Bet365 excels yet again, as not only do they cover plenty of events, but the quality that they provide is just superb. I found that as long as you are connected over WiFi or have a reasonable Internet connection, the streaming is high resolution and it very rarely freezes, if ever.

There is just one thing that frustrates me with the Bet365 streaming features, and that is the fact that you can’t set it to full screen on the desktop site. I don’t really understand why this is, as they have enabled full screen streaming from the mobile app, so it seems strange to not have this implemented for the desktop site. I found myself needing to zoom in on my screen to make the streaming larger, but then this sacrificed the quality of the stream itself.

There is one final thing that I’d like to mention for the streaming too, which is that I would highly advise minimizing all live betting markets if you are streaming. This is because the streams are often several seconds behind the real-time event, but the in-play markets aren’t. Therefore if you are clued up on how markets and odds react to what is happening in the game, you would know what has just happened before you see it on the stream.

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